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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


characters and words that are commonly use in text massages....

#= number
@= at
n = and
2moro= tomorrow
attn= attention
b4= before
bc (bz) = busy
btw= by the way
btwn= between
dnt= do not
dsnt = does not
fyi=for your information
hi= high
msg= message
pls= please
til = until
tnx = thanks
tq or ty=thank you
text= text
thru= through
ur= your, you're
w/ = with
w/c = which
w/o = whithout
y = why
asap = as soon as possible
2day = today
2nite = tonight
coz= because
c u = see you
ppl= people
r u ok = are you ok
soz = sorry
TTYL = talk to you later
xlnt = excellent
SOL = sooner or later.
PCM = please call me
HAND = have a nice day
KISS = keep it short n simple..

source of pic: mr google

c u 2moro... ty... HAND.... sharing is caring...


  1. kadang tu tak fhm pun short form dlm sms... syok sdri aje..-( bisa meanikkan seri darah ini... hahaha

  2. tapi tak kan la nk buat karangan dlm sms... mesti kena gelak...